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AskDaisy.net -

This site has been established for users of The Real Ale Pub Guide 2004. Here are bottle conditioned ales to drink at home. We've brought them together because they are impossible to find in the High Street and Daisy research will continue to add new brews. Where we can negotiate reliable supply, we will add new buying links to the ales. They may suddenly appear on ales in Your Cellar, so keep checking the site for new tasting opportunities!
Your Cellar
All of our stock is held in The Ale Store. This is where you make your initial selections. Just highlight the beer label that appeals to you and then use its link to add it to Your Cellar. In Your Cellar you will create a smaller range of beers to look at in more detail. And to decide what to keep in Your Cellar or what to return to The Ale Store. The beers that remain in Your Cellar will begin to represent your personal collection. From this selection, just decide which to taste first and follow the ordering process for those that already have buying links.
Your Note Book
Any beer that you purchase in Your Cellar will be entered automatically into Your Notebook. Here you can add tasting notes. For instance - how much do you like it - on a scale of 1-10. For what occasion would you buy it again? A good winter or summer brew? Or any other note that might be a useful reminder. The ales that you donít like, you delete from Your Notebook. They will be returned to The Ale Store. Ultimately Your Notebook will build into a truly personal Real Ale Guide!
Who's Daisy?
Under the sign of a DAISY, through three centuries, Foulsham Publishers have printed information books. ASKDAISY.NET has become our internet extension. Here we add yet more information to any book that usefully benefits from a web link. So, when you are looking for information BOOKS in your bookshop, look for the sign of our DAISY. And then on the books, look for an ASKDAISY.NET web link.
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